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About Us ❤💋

It all started with a desire to find a product that was able to turn dry cracked lips into a natural pink color. Many people have dark lips due to genetics and smoking and  I  found myself falling into that category and wanted to fix it FAST.  I tried many products on the market, but it seemed as though nothing worked as it stated. I tried anything that I could find, even risking $79 on a small item that did NOTHING. I knew personally and by seeing others that having smoker's lips wasn't attractive, nor were they appeasing to my peers.  

From that moment I decided to to research many products that had the ability to help hyperpigmenation of the lips. I tried many combinations until I found the perfect combination of SAFE ingredients that produced results in just a few days. I was excited and knew that there were many people around the world that desired to have even natural pink lips. 

After seeing visible results after 5 days, and achieving my 100%  desired results in just 9 days, LAVISH LIP MAGIC was born 👄



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  • I just want to say I’ve been vaping for 2 years and my lips JUST started getting dark. I was horrified, I saw yall ad on ig and I bought the samples, its been 2 days and my lips have already lightened up. I don’t know WHAT yall put in this stuff but you saved me! I’m a new loyal customer now💋

    • Shawnee
  • This product actually works! I was really pleased with the results. I actually ordered the lip kit twice. Unfortunately I cant purchase this anymore as shipping costs £18 to the UK and then the total amount to pay gets too expensive. I would still recommend this product to people if they can afford the shipping costs.

    • Nehar
  • This products work I saw results within days of using it

    • shadae
  • Just received my package three days ago. One use and I saw a slight difference with my lips color. I love it! Also the packaging is sooooo lady like. Thank you so much for your invention. It’s the best 😍😍

    • Shante
  • Love this stuff! I didnt get results with the first kit, but tried another kit and got results and now my lips are like i wanted them 👄

    • Natalie